Welcoming in a New Decade

Man, I haven't written a blog entry all year!

I love doing that, saying I haven't done something all year. Yesterday, New Year's Eve, while at work, I was telling customers I'd see them next year. I think my co-workers got a kick out of it - that or laughing behind my back. Anyway, I think that's one of my favorite things about the New Year holiday. Now, I can go around saying things like, "I haven't had frozen yogurt all year" - that particular one won't be usable for too long though. Josh, loves this phrase (cough of sarcasm there).

As you probably picked up in my above paragraph, I'm working the New Years holiday. I worked New Years Eve until 5pm and today, New Year's Day, starting 12:15pm to 5:45pm. But, that'd ain't too bad! I got to stay up and sleep in. Plus customers are usually cheery on holidays.

New Years Eve was low-key this year for Josh and me. I started the tinge of a sore throat the other night, but it decided to come in full blast last night after work. With a sore throat, I really didn't feel like going out so we thought we'd take it easy (probably the flying or customers that gave me the cold - grumble - blame someone).

Instead we did some of our favorite things - Thai food and movies. Josh and I enjoyed a yummy meal at our favorite Thai restaurant, Chao Pra Ya. We returned home to watch Julie and Julia in the comfort of our own home (so yes, heaters were turned on). We sorta made it to midnight. We went to bed around 11:20pm since I had to work the next day and had a sore throat and opted for a good night sleep. However, we did awake up at midnight since our neighbors decided setting off fireworks and yelling would be fun for 2010. So I turned over to Josh and said Happy New Year, he grumbled a response and we were back to sleeping. I think sleep is a great way to welcome a new year, don't you? It's so comfy and nice.

Now, it's 2010. I guess we should discuss resolutions. I'll admit, I didn't really finish all my resolutions last year. But I did make about 3 of 5 - hey, that's not too bad. The ones I missed: yoga and golf. Perhaps yoga will be reset for 2010. I'd like to say I'd like to learn golf this year, but it's rainy and stuff here so to be honest, I doubt I'll go out in the rain to learn. So this year's resolutions need some further thought. I know health is the top, and keeping up this blog. I'm still thinking of others. Julie and Julia inspired me on the food front, so perhaps I'll try something there. Ehh, who knows. Oh well, resolutions really stop after January anyway (not to be a New Years humbug or anything).

Time to get ready for work. An ending thought: How will we refer to this year, and decade for that matter? Hmm: '10, the 10s, year 10, 2010. It's a bit perplexing to me. Guess we'll see.

Go Ducks! They're in the Rose Bowl & playing today.