Boiling Lava Hot

It was Tuesday and just another typical day on the job. However, little did I know that today would be the day soy milk would attack me and my poor wrist. Here's the sad tale:

As I said, the day started out nice; just chilling behind the bar (that's barista talk for making coffee). Then it got busy! Dun dun dun. I tried to work fast and keep up with the orders. A line of empty cups was forming. My brain telling me, "work faster, work faster!" So I did (or tried is probably the better word). To work fast behind the bar, one must multi-task. Set the milk to steam while pulling an espresso shot or blending a Frapp, etc. Well, I was doing just that when suddenly I turn around to see flying soy milk. Correction: flying evil soy milk. My brain pauses...what is going on! I go to grab the pitcher, but Brain says, "bad idea Heather, hot liquid is bad! Hit the off button!" I go hit the button, but as I do so a bit of scalding, lava hot liquid strikes my innocent wrist. Burn! However, in the spirit of true customer service, I continue onward to finish off the rush of drinks and serve the thirsty people.

The good news is that the burn didn't turn out to be major (really, I would have stopped if that were the case). With some ointment added, the next day you could barely even see the "sunburn" redness on my wrist and there wasn't any pain. However, remember this: If you are at a coffee shop, be nice to your barista because she's most likely trying to work as fast as possible AND never underestimate the power of soy milk. And now I think I ought to find a better way to work faster.

On an ending note, since I mentioned "boiling lava hot" you really ought to check out Jim Gaffigian. I LOVE his comedy...Click here! (note: at the 1-min 37-sec mark on the video you'll see about "boiling lava hot")