Life Indoors: Reports from the Weather Underground

Weather Report: It seems that the Oregon rain season is upon us. The first few days of rain started this past week. I posted a small picture earlier--the official first day. We've had a few rain days intermixed with days of sun this week, so we're still getting some sun. I am worried about the colder weather expected to come. I mean it's only mid to upper 50s and my feet are ice already (not that this isn't typical of me, but not so early in the year). In the coldest of SF area weather I had my feather blanket, quilt, blue blanket, fuzzy tan blanket, and often a throw on me at night. Hmm, we'll see; I might have to invest in an electric blanket, flannel lined jeans, and more fuzzy socks. I appreciated my car's seat warmers previously, but now I think I'm going to come to love them (I picture Josh walking into the garage to find me hanging out in the car just to have the seat warmers and heater blasted on me!). Happy news is that the leaves are starting to turn colors now--it's beautiful! I'm going to take some pictures and post soon.

Movie-Going: Last night we went to the cheap theater to see The Hangover. By the way, the cheap theater is awesome. On weekends it's only $2 to see movies that are not really at main theaters anymore, but not out on tape yet (and it's $1 during the week). The theater isn't stadium sitting, but it's the regular theater experience, so you really can't beat it--great deal! Anyway, The Hangover was a bit over-hyped for me. Everyone said how funny it was, and it was funny but not as funny as everyone said it would be. The movie was really pushing it with some of the humor and it some of it was just wrong. Don't get me wrong, I did think it was funny and I laughed a bunch, but it's just wasn't Old School or me. As for previews, I think Extract looks freakin' hilarious & can't wait for that to release. Our other cheap movie fun is Netflix. Right now we're going through the first season of True Blood (more vampires).

In the Kitchen: I'm still on the muffin quest. Yesterday, I tried bakig Pear and Apple Muffins. These tuned out pretty well. I cooked half of the batter to see how they were, and decided to add more sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) on the second batch. The second batch was better. But there is something I'm missing. I think it' an oaty, bran texture and nuttiness that I love that my attempts have failed to meet. Josh is the lucky taster (I don't think he minds). I've still got plenty of recipes to try though. Next I might add oat bran to the recipe to see if that helps me with the texture I'm looking for. Again, I'm open to any recipes you might want to share --please send!

SBux: This is going great--I'm enjoying the people and job. The change in weather brought some big crowds to some of my shifts. It can get pretty crazy with a long line-up of cups to make, but it really makes the day go fast (and learn quick). Also, you may have seen all the commercials on the newest product, Via. It's the micro-brew 100% Arabian bean coffee. You should really try it (really, it's good). I used it to bake some biscotti and there are so many more recipes that call for instant coffee which will work perfectly with this stuff.

P.S. I can now wear my Crocs with the soft liner around town unabashedly. Unlike the Bay Area, they are true Oregonian style so nobody judges you wearing them around. I'm enjoying this, although I do think I need to find a nice pair of cute, water proof, versatile, comfy shoes.