Tingly Fingers and Oven Doors

Woo-wee! Lots of cooking today...

Every Thursday (more or less), a bunch of Josh's law friends get together for dinner. I'm the recent addition to the gatherings. Tomorrow will be our first time hosting at our new Shasta home. I designated the evening as prep time.

With the meal theme as Mexican cuisine, Josh and I thought we'd contribute Goat Cheese-Stuffed Jalapenos with Ranchero Sauce and Spiced Shrimp - both from my Cooking Light magazines. However, first tonight's dinner needed to be cooked. On the menu tonight was a Eggplant Lasagna from Real Simple (yes, I like magazine recipes & thanks Nada for the magazine!). Unfortunately I had quite time getting things to work. Although its a new home to us, the oven is not quite so new. Today it decided to dislodge and not close without careful maneuvering and some rather interesting sparks. After tackling the oven, I discovered a leak under the sink. Sigh. These difficulties aside, dinner turned out yummy on the positive side.

Dinner eaten and cleaned up, now on to tomorrow's food. Josh was super and got the shrimp deveined and ready ย earlier, so the shrimp was quick & easy. The jalapenos were a painful though! After crying with the onions, I got tingly fingers (and still feeling it as I type now) from jalapenos. In fact, I think the jalapenos have permeated the apartment. Poor fingers! Not sure if I'll be working with jalapenos again for awhile (or perhaps with gloves). FYI - a home remedy is lime (works okay) and bleach (didn't have it).

I'd say today was a Culinary Success!

Heather in the Kitchen Heather in the Kitchen