Keeping Busy

With the former email job finished and the new job yet to come, I found myself with some free time. This lent the perfect opportunity to finally get to some some long awaited projects. Sadly, I start work again tomorrow, and so far I've only touched upon these projects--I've really just brushed the surface. And there is still so much I can do on them! If only I had all the time in the world and no worries. But hey, perhaps there is hope for these projects as I should only be working 20-25 hours a week (to start). We'll see.

What are these projects you ask? Well, here are a few:

Cooking/Baking: Considering I watch The Food Network practically 24/7, I thought I should actually go into the kitchen and try some of the recipes. Generally I make a bunch of Rachel Ray dinners because they are quick, easy, and usually turn out pretty good. I wanted to try some new food network folks. The past couple weeks I've tried some Melissa d'Arabian (the newest show as she just won The Next Food Network Star show) as well as Ellie Krieger who is the nutritionist on the network. All came out pretty dang good. To name a few recipes: Carrot Cupcakes, Curried Chicken Salad, Zucchini Roll-ups, Lemony Shrimp Scampi, Stuffed Zucchini and Red Bell Peppers, and Florentine Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken. Two picture below. And more recipes to try out to come!

Recipe Consolidation: Another cooking themed project. By the way, I really enjoy baking over cooking I think. But both are fun. Cooking is a bit more of an every-day necessity though. Anyway, I digress. I got this program for my Mac called Sous Chef. It's a way to add and organize my recipes. I've been trying to import my recipes (currently both online and offline--i.e. books or saved in "my recipes" folders of places like or You also can add a picture to the recipe. It's a big project! Every time I made something lately, I try to also add it to Sous Chef.

iPhoto: I upgraded to Mac's Snow Leopard (Josh recommended - he's my in-house IT guy). With this upgrade, I opted for some program updates which included iPhoto. The new iPhoto has events and faces you can add to each picture. I'm trying to go through all my pictures to add the photo's location as well as add names to each person in the picture.

Contacts: And now another computer project. Computers and Cooking. HA! This is coordinating my GMail address book with my Mac address book. Ugh. If you've moved recently or changed your email...let me know!

Okay, that's only a few projects. I always have ways to keep myself busy. Not a problem. Guess what another big one is...this blog! Or taking all my Cooking Light magazines and picking out recipes to save, cut it out, put in a binder, and then perhaps into Sous Chef. There are also some I avoid too like reading the DMV book to get my Oregon license. Okay, I better stop; the list is never ending. Busy Busy me!

Carrot Cupcake Carrot Cupcake

Curried Chicken Salad Curried Chicken Salad