Day, Month, Year

I just have to share some good news...I love my new calendar. Every year after Christmas I have the Great Calendar Hunt. As the name suggests, it is the search for the best calendar. Needless to say, I am *very* particular  - to Josh's delight (cough cough). I'm over the dogs, puppies, or picture a day of some far off place. I want something cool, artsy, and not-too-common. I like the deals you can get post-Christmas (hence the wait), but then they are all picked over and there is minimal selection. Plus the type of calendar I have pictured in my mind is never at these stores (i.e. tiny kiosks at the mall, B&N, or Borders). This means taking it to the Internet - wider selection.

So the search continued online. To start, one requirement is that be something different, non-type such as a new artist. Last year (2009) I had William Rice's calendar with arts and crafts block prints. The year before (2008), was Robert Creamer's Intimate Blooms calendar. Another requirement of getting a calendar is to not repeat a calendar I've had previously - get something new. I almost got Lawren S. Harris, Group of Seven, or Vintage Travel posters. I was just about to purchase (really I was getting my CC out), when Josh said, "how about making your own on your Mac with iPhoto." And that's what I did.

At first I was annoyed at the time I was spending. I have BILLIONS of pictures - it's true (all those fab trips). I was agonizing over it at lunch with Josh when he gave me some direction: try picking a theme for the calendar and apply it for each month. That's when the idea came. Each month is a different country or city I've visited. With a goal and some direction the production was much easier - fun in fact. I visited all the places again through my pictures. The Calendar's name: Heather's Travels. It came in the mail Monday and it looks great! I've so excited. It's hanging over my desk in our little office. Here's the deal:

January = Spain, February = Eastern Europe, March = Holland/Belgium, April = France, May = Germany, June = Hawaii, July = Italy, August = Seattle, September = Oregon, October = England, November = Switzerland/Norway, December = California Xmas

2010 Calendar

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