Winter Dreaming

I'll give you a hint, it's not coffee. Give up? Okay, it's tea. Whoo there. (As a side  note, I'll be writing a blog post on teas shortly, but for now a mini-post). Actually, it's not even Starbucks related. Yes, I snuck out and visited the competition: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The aren't in Oregon, mostly just SoCal and a few in NorCal. However, it's a must-visit place for me when I go home. This time I brought it back and now I've been utilizing my newfound knowledge on espresso machines and hot drinks. More specifically the magic steam wand that foams and froths milk. I brought back the special vanilla powder for the tea lattes and my favorite tea, Winter Dream. Together = Heaven. So I'm (correction, we are) drinking Winter Dream Tea Lattes. I'm not going to say how to order since I don't know their "code." Go get one if you can!