Randomly Routine

I've been thinking and thinking about what to write my next post about unsuccessfully. We're just not doing that much, and I don't want to bore people either with stupid things- all this makes posts tough. I decided to write some random stuff on my routine and everyday life that might be somewhat interesting, or not, but you can choose which bullets to read. Up to you!

  • Netflix: I love Netflix. If you see a preview that you're not sure about, reviews aren't great but you want to see it, or you just can't pay for the movie theater experience, then I say "just Netflix it." It also gives the opportunity to watch past television series that you never knew about until it was over. One such tv series is How I Met Your Mother. Josh and I are going through this series right now and loving it. Watch it.

  • TJ Groceries - Trader Joe's is the bomb. I go to TJ's once a week for our grocery needs. It's like a small town market that's fun to walk around with nice people, yet still has good stuff. Plus I think the prices on most items are pretty dang good. Not to mention I've had success with the TJ brand items and semi-premade meals. For instance, the stuffed pork chops, ricotta chicken with marinara, and their Balsamic dressing are some of my favorites. In fact, I was told by an employee that they often take popular, successful brands and then sell practically the identical item with their TJ brand/label. There is a whole TJ culture out there. While we were roaming Barnes and Nobles, I saw this book: The I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook. I'm tempted to purchase it. P.S. Check of these nifty grocery shopping list planners here. I just downloaded the list template - neat!

  • TCBY: Yes, frozen yogurt is still a routine thing. Josh and I like the daily specials. Monday and Tuesday specials stink, but we enjoy Wednesday's waffle cones, Thursday's shivers, Saturday's parfaits, and Sunday's sundaes the most. Wait, that's almost every day of the week. For the days I can't con Josh into going, I have the Sub Shop frozen yogurt quart in the freezer to hold me over.

  • Relaxation: This isn't totally routine, but I'm trying to make it part of my a routine. I've been testing some relaxation dash anxiety-reducing type techniques to help. One of the best relaxation scents is lavender so I've been on the look out for anything lavender. I bought this lavender spray to put on my pillow at night - quite nice (although I got Josh's pillow and he was like, "what's that smell?" - haha). Anyway, I'm trying all sorts of relaxation stuff  - candles, incense, reading, calm music, tea, stretching. All of these have worked pretty well. My New Years resolution of yoga might still happen, but it's hard to get any sort of routine with the Starbucks gig - we'll see. Maybe a DVD would work (hey, just Netflix it). Oh, and my moto and desktop picture (from WWII): Keep Calm and Carry On.

  • Dining Out: Josh and I don't dine out very much (I've amped up my cooking), but we do get to go out and treat ourselves occasionally. One of our favorite Eugene spots is Yi Shen. The pho is delicious and prefect on a cold, wet day (and they add broccoli - makes me happy). Josh likes the Vietnamese sandwiches too. Ehh, we like all of it really. Another frequent dining option is Thai, which generally defaults to Chao Pra Ya. And the third most dine-out food is pizza. That's it: Vietnamese, Thai, and Pizza/Italian.

  • Hanging Out: Generally we enjoy just hanging around town. For instance, we'll go walk around areas of town or high-end grocery stores like Market of Choice (similar to Whole Foods). I'm starting to make friends too. Last week I had a friend over to hang out. We bonded over the fact we both grew up on The Cutting Edge, so that's what we did. I picked up Thai food and we chowed and watched the movie. Can't beat that combo!

We do plan on doing fun stuff soon. Actually, tonight we went to the theater to go see Avitar 3D. We thought it'd been out long enough, it was Sunday night, and we were ~15 minutes early, yet it was still sold out. Boo! We still plan on seeing it though...perhaps Thursday.

Also, I have plans to go home for a friend's wedding in March and check out Seattle again. Then there is Valentines Day potential. So we'll break the routine and get out soon! Stay tuned, more post ideas will come...eventually.

Yi Shen's Pho