Something Better Than Nothing

I've been pondering what to write about the past week. Nothing awesome is coming to mind though. Life it just chugging along. And by chugging, I mean super fast. I'm shocked it's already mid-October already. What? Wait! Huh? How'd we get here?

With time flying, I'm realizing my blog posts are becoming more infrequent. I promised more frequency, and here I am going the opposite direction. I'd give you a lame excuse like I'm tired when I find free time (I do get up at the crack of dawn often, i.e. 4-something) or I've been busy with this or that. Now I've just reached the point where I shrug and say, "something's better than nothing." Perhaps I'll write about my shampoo (which is Aveeno). Nahh, I'll just do some random factoids and updates.

Special Days: Josh and I will have been together for 7 years this month. Crazy right? We finish each other's sentences, act like dorks together (correction, I'm the dork & he's the nerd), and explore together.

Yummies: I've come to enjoy some new stuff to accomodate the fact that there is no froyo here in Seattle. Seriously, it's a shame, but it does open the doors to other things. For instance, biscotti. There is this cranberry biscotti at my Β new favorite bakery,Β Marcina. There is also a delcious roasted apple, fig, and walnut crepe at Miro. Delish! Drooling now.

Tea: Miro gets two points, one for crepes, and another for their tea. I've really been downing the tea these days. Chai, chai, chai. There is Miro, but there is also a place in Queen Anne called Tea Cup. I've enjoyed their Hazelnut Mocha tea and Vanilla Mint tea. Another favorite is down by Pike Place Market called World Spice Merchants. We (Josh is in the tea mode too) love the Northwest Chai. Did you know to steep chai you should really use black tea and chai tea? Yup, it's true. I get the royal treatment too since Josh makes me tea and I sit on the couch with it cupped in my hands. So nice. I might write about the World Spice Merchants more some other time - it's an interesting business/store.

Songs: I went and bought a few songs on iTunes recently that I'm enjoying. To name a few: Shine by Black Gold, Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, The Only Exception by Paramore, Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons, Tighten Up by The Black Keys, and Crystalized by The xx. Go check them out. It's a different mix than my usual picks, but I'm lovin' them. I'm listening to them as I type!

Coming Up: There are a few upcoming things that you'll see blog posts about. The first, and most important is that my parents are coming to town! They are coming the last weekend of October. My mom visited briefly with me on our whirlwind apartment tour, but besides that they haven't been to Seattle since I was young. Not to mention we were only in the city for a day or so (at least that's what I remember). We're going to have some fun activities and good food!

The other stuff to look forward to include: Harry Potter, Twilight, and Thanksgiving. Let's throw in Christmas while we're at it too.

Call Outs: Happy Birthday Caroline! Happy Anniversary Don & Nada! Love you guys.

A picture of us after 7 years. Smiling at one of our favorite Seattle views, Kerry Park.

Kerry Park