Yearly Commitment

Every year I am committed to making one Christmas Cookie. If can only make one cookie, this is the one. It's a family tradition. It's heritage; our Swedish roots. These are a cookie tradition I've carried on from my Grandma Norma. She taught me how to make these cookies. Plus, they have a fun name: Pepparkakor! (Pronounced Peppa-Kaka). It is my understanding that "kaka" means cookie in Swedish.

To make these cookies, you must dedicate an afternoon. They are similar to the classic gingerbread and sugar cookie, but a bit thinner and crispy. They are best eaten with a cup of tea or coffee!

How do I make them? Well, let's go through it together.

You start with some dough...


Mix it up. I wish my Cuisinart mixer wasn't broken. It's perfect for this tough dough. Make sure you wear an apron with these bad boys, they get flour everywhere!


Then you roll out the dough, and start going to town with the cookie cutters.


Then you bake. Roll, cut, put on pan, bake. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Then pile them all up.


Voila! The cookies are done three hours later. Now, I'll just put on a pot of tea and have myself a little snack.