My Afternoon Outdoors

Today I had the day off, but Josh had his "long day" at school. This means lots of "me" time. After a morning of intense cleaning, I saw some sunshine and jumped at the opportunity to take a little adventure outdoors.

Before we talk about my outdoor adventures, let's go back a few days. You know when you drive around you see little trails, and you say you should try that sometime. Well, I tried to do that randomly. I thought I'd just drive around and find one of those "I should try someday" walks. I ended up driving around and finding nothing. Then it got dark and I only really managed driving around. Err.

This time I saw the sunshine, I had free time, and instead of just roaming like before I decided to go out prepared. I hopped on my laptop and looked up a specific park. I already knew what I wanted to do - the park Josh & I roamed last year during one of my weekend visits. With location in mind, and address in the GPS, I was off.

Within five minutes, I was at my destination, Hendrick's Park. Not only was I prepared with location, but I had on boots and red jacket just in case the rain should return. Now, walk time!

I just roamed around - downhill and uphill. There were some flowers peaking out screaming "I want spring!" There was also a part that I decided was a mini rain forest - lots of moss, ferns, trees, and when you stood still you could hear the dripping of water from the leaves (and not raining). My walk brought me past some runners and dog walkers. Oh, and I even found the turkeys. They haven't been around our house lately. Apparently, they've decided to roam the park instead.

With fresh air and sunshine, I felt like it was a fulfilling afternoon. Funny enough, right when I got back in my car, the rain started up again. Figures. (For those not familiar with Eugene weather, it changes about every 30 minutes. If you're not happy now, just wait a few minutes and it'll change.)

As always, I had my camera on hand during my walk. Check out my new Flickr photos.

Hendricks Park