The Forever Framing

After WEEKS of hard work, we finally got our photos on the wall. Yes, you heard me right, it took weeks (hence the forever in my title). Our neighbor was nice enough to print out some large prints of some of our photos. We decided to frame them for our living room to spice up the place a bit. Well, the print size was a bit large and non-standard, which turned this simple idea into a quest. The quest became to get them framed and the twist, framed in a low cost way. This low cost way ended up taking us from store to store trying to to find the best deal and options.

In the end, the frames came from Target, the matting (we had to do this because of the odd print size) came from Michaels, and the photos from Steve (the neighbor). Looking back, we think that considering the time and money we spent, it's worth just going straight to a custom frame store. (Note: No Aaron Bros here, that might have been nice, sigh). However, the end result...Fabulous!

Living Room Framed Living Room Photos

All the photos are those I've taken on our travel adventures together. Starting on the far left, an Amsterdam bridge, then the Millennium Bridge in London, and last (far right) is the Hanalei Pier in Kauai.

And since we were framing, we also framed the awesome print Josh got me. It's a great saying and keeps me going. Check out the background on Wikipedia. Now my office is super cool.

Framed Office Photo Framed Office Photo