Annual Bunny Visitor

The Annual Bunny Visitor is my effort (emphasis on effort/trying part) to come up with a clever blog title for Easter. I think it's probably pretty lame, but hey it's the best a girl can do sometimes. In fact, the titles are one of the harder parts for me with this whole blog thing. I either come up with way too many ideas/options or just one stupid one. I guess today is the latter.

Okay, enough on titles because this could be a very boring post otherwise. Scratch that; this is probably going to be somewhat boring. We didn't do that much for Easter. I know it's an important day to celebrate (esp. religiously), and that didn't go unrecognized; however, we just didn't do too much to write about. The little we did do though I will share with you...

I started Easter at the wee hours of the morning. As I drove to work in the dark (yes, there was time change but that doesn't mean it's light out that early), I thought I might see a bunny hopping to houses. Like Santa, the bunny comes during the night for my family. Blast to the past: When I was a kid the bunny would leave a trail of easter eggs from my sister and my bedroom door to a certain area of the house. Then we'd have to search that area for our baskets of goodies.

As I was saying, I started Easter at work with an opening shift. It was a slow day. I think this was because every other store was closed nearby including the mall. We got a few folks that wanted good coffee to enjoy with their brunch (El Torito and Marie Callendar's were open at not too far away) and/or people that wanted coffee before/after church. The slowness wasn't too bad though since I find this as "good catch-up on other tasks time." We also got to be creative with samples (see picture). We thought samples of Easter pastel colors would be festive and fun. We made raspberry white mochas, caramel white mochas, and green tea lattes. And then arranged them on a sample tray. Beautiful!

After work, and back home, Josh and I opened up Easter "baskets" (Hallmark gift bags with goodies). The Easter bunny worked through the mail this year. We also enjoyed a bit of lunch out at a little place near our home. I had a tasty crepe.

The rest of the day was everyday stuff. Josh worked and I did grocery shopping and cooking. I put together a delicious meal - no ham or eggs involved. Randomly, I attempted meat for the first time in a long time. I made Ellie Krieger's Marinated Flank Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce - see recipe. It turned out quite good even without a grill pan (I used a griddle instead). I also made Snickerdoodles, but they got over cooked (dang it, must try again).

And that concludes our 2010 Easter celebration.

Easter Last Year (2009) and Easter This Year (2010):

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On a totally different note...I uploaded more pictures on Flickr from our Seattle trip.

Here's a preview:

Seattle, Ballard