Apple Love

Well, I do love apples. They are quite delicious. In fact, I have one practically everyday. Whether it's in my salad, alongside peanut butter, as a crisp, or on it's own. Yum, crisp apples. HOWEVER, this blog post is not about apple as the fruit. This is about apple the Apple (aka Mac). Hmm, Mac Mania would have also made a good title to this blog.

Like most people you probably looked at the picture first before reading my lovely post, so you must have already guessed it: I got a new computer! My lovely Mac Book was dying a slow and painful death. I had moved practically all my documents onto a remote drive since it was incredible low on space. I had to check it every day to make sure it didn't drop below 1GB. Lower than 1GB and the crash possibility is almost a given. Too much precious stuff to let that happen. The kicker was when I returned from Chicago and was not able to download my photos. I had to download them to Josh's computer and them post them to Flickr from there. I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed my pictures. I needed my space. I needed a new computer.

I'd been contemplating options for about a month now. Yes, a month. I'm a horrible decision maker especially with bigger expenses. I took the dive Thursday and we headed to the U of O campus bookstore that has an Apple-like store (no Apple store within 2 hour drive of Eugene mind you). Considering my want to pick up photography and my love for lounging on the couch with a computer, I opted for a combo: iMac and iPad. The iMac is much more power and get-your-money-worth type of computer. The iPad makes my lounging possible. In fact, it might make me more technically mobile - just look what the iPhone did to me.

I'm super excited (no buyers remorse). I'm lovin' both my new iMac and iPad. The screens are fabulous. We'll, I could go on, but I fear I shall bore you to death. You get the idea I think.  Anyways, here's the new and improved Heather desk area:

Apple Craziness: iMac, iPad, iPhone