Refreshing Blends

You may have heard that Starbucks just released a new frappuccino recipe. In fact, Happy Hour started yesterday on 5/7 and goes until 5/16 everyday from 3-5pm. During this special time, not only do we play special music, but all frappuccino's are half off. Crazy good deal. This means I'm a frapp-making-maniac. To celebrate this frappuccino craze, I've been partaking in them myself. I must admit, the new recipe is quite delicious (scrumdiliumptious even - see my post). It's all fresh dairy, and made to order. My past few frapps have been caramel goodness. I get the Coffee Frappucinno light with Sugar Free Caramel. This is with non-fat milk and a syrup that is Stevia-based. How to “call it” (order it)? Tall, Sugar-free Caramel, Coffee Frappuccino Light. Please!