Two for Dad

My dad has two special days this month - his birthday and Father's Day. A double whammy on gift giving - he's the hardest guy when it comes to presents. Usually he buys something and gives it to you to return back to him on the special days (Birthday, Father's day, Christmas, etc). Either that, or he gives specific instructions on what to buy. For instance, a polo shirt, tan pants, or wine. Actually it's one of those three things that he tends to get - ha!

Lately, I've tried to venture away and do a little surprising lately. For his birthday he got the Smithsonian Rick Steves special edition (and a subscription). I thought this clever. I scored points too (at least it appears that way). I won't say what he's getting for Father Day since that is yet to come, but it's another surprise. I love my dad, he's so predictable; it's cute.

I love the below picture because it reminds me of playing catch with him after dinner on week days when I was a kid. The other picture was his 60th birthday in Chicago (oh, and my b-day two...their close together). [Oh and get it...2 days and 2 pictures.]