Searching Seattle

I know, I know it's been a while since I wrote a post. I'm sorry. I apologize. Life has been busy. Very busy. And I will probably continue be delinquent in mu posts over the next several weeks. I'll return though. I promise.

Why am I not writing blog posts lately? I can tell you. I am preparing for our big move. Have you not heard? Well, Josh and I are headed to Seattle. Law school is over and we're headed to the big city. Since Josh was deep in study land, I headed up to Seattle last week to start the process by looking for an apartment. That trip is the story of this post...

Last Monday I worked in the morning as usual, but while I was working my mom flew into EUG (FYI - EUG is the Eugene Airport code). When I was done working, I sped home (not over the speed limit of course), showered, and ate lunch. Then my mom and I took off for Seattle. We drove up and it took about 5-1/2 hours with only one stop since we got hungry along the way. We finally arrived to the Emerald City that evening and crashed at the hotel. I was pooped!

Tuesday started the apartment quest. The morning started out rough. We slept in accidentally and had a later-than-desired start time. After a delicious breakfast at Macrina Bakery, we found a parking cop lady at my car. Eccckk! I'd forgotten to place my mom's handicap sign in my rush to get going (and crazy hunger pangs - I get hungry as soon as I wake up). We talked to the cop lady and she didn't give us a parking ticket after showing the sign. Whew! "Just keep that sign up at all times," she said.

With that resolved, we started the search. We were having no luck at first and we were getting a bit discouraged. Nobody was responding to my calls and there were not many on-site managers. Ugh. However, hope sprung with my first appointment in the afternoon (I organized a few appts before the trip). It ended up too pricey, but it encouraged us. The two last appointments also turned out to be promsing. In fact, one was on my "if I don't find anything else, I'll take this place" list.

Day two came around, and we decided to search different areas than the day before. The first day was mainly going around Capitol Hill, so we headed to Fremont, Ballard, and Queen Anne. More promising places were discovered as well as the one we ended up getting.

Yes, we found a place - the trip was a success! One check mark on the Move-To-Seattle checklist. It's a lovey apartment in a quad-plex in West Queen Anne. Nicely located between downtown (were my new store is) and cool areas like Ballard (where there's a Trader Joes). It's two bedrooms and we got it at a great price. I have a picture below alongside a Seattle photo (to make you jealous).

Now on to more moving fun! Stay tuned for another post sometime...

Seattle Sunset New Seattle Home