Reader Warning: Some of the below times are approximate and contain mundane, boring details that you may never want to know.

Minute-to-Minute Log on the Big Move

7:30am: Wake-up time. Roll out of the air-mattress and get going.

8:45am: One last breakfast at Full City for a pumpkin muffin and chai tea latte. Not to mention a pumpkin cookie for the road later on.

8:30am: Continue packing up all the remaining stuff small (and let me tell you it was all small stuff and we sweated the small stuff - that is a reference to a book for those of you who didn't catch on).

9:05am: Finish loading my car.

9:30am: I leave our Shasta home and heads for the open road with two quick stops at Bank of America and Cheverin.

10:00am: Josh heads to Comcast to drop off our cable stuff. (Meanwhile, I'm on the 5).

11:00am: Saint Vincent de Paul's comes to our Shasta home to pick-up items we decided to donate instead of bring with us.

11:15am: Josh finishes packing random, small stuff. (Meanwhile, I'm is on the 5).

11:55am: I reach Portland and decide it's the best opportunity for lunch. I drive indecisively when I happen upon a pizza by the slice joint called Sparky's. Actually, I was quite impressed. They even had a $3.75 lunch special. Score. And the best part is (drumroll please), Active Culture Frozen Yogurt was right next door. I don't mind if I do. Yum.

12:30pm: Josh finally puts the last items into his jam-packed car and heads out leaving our Shasta home for good.

12:45pm: Josh stops at the Eugene Post Office to mail our Shasta keys. (Meanwhile, I'm on the 5).
12:55pm: Josh is on the 5 and calls me.

1:15pm: I get a call from the movers. The weight is over the estimate.

1:20pm: I call Josh to relay the information.

1:30pm-3:00pm: Josh is on-and-off the phone with the movers and the truck driver.

1:45pm: I reach Olympia, the Evergreen State capital (that there is little factoid secretly inserted for your educational purposes). I hit traffic.

2:30pm: I reach Tacoma. I hit more traffic.

2:45pm: I realize I'm not going to make it to the leasing office for the 3:30pm appointment and call to let them know.

3:30pm: I reach the outskirts of Seattle. And more traffic.

3:35pm: My GPS decides to go on roads that don't exist. I find myself going in circles, and end up going directly through downtown Seattle where I find more traffic. (Meanwhile, Josh is on the 5 and hitting traffic).

3:57pm: I reach the leasing office with minutes to spare until the 4pm signing (yes, that call at 2:45pm was successful).

4:15pm: The leasing lady was late, but arrived and I signed my life away on to papers committing us for a year in West Queen Anne.

4:30pm: I open the door to our new home. (Meantime, Josh is on the 5 in heavy traffic and still dealing with movers and such on the phone).

4:45pm: I venture out for the first time to find a bank so we can pay the movers.

6:00pm: Josh calls and says the moving truck is not going to arrive until 9pm (there are lots of other complications which is too long, boring to retell - plus, I am trying to forget).

6:30pm: Josh and I decide that I should pick-up food so we can shove it in before the movers arrive. I then venture out again to Thaiku in Ballard (the tried and trusty Thai food option).

7:45pm: Josh reaches Seattle outskirts.

7:48pm: Josh calls and is lost in downtown Seattle.

7:48-8:15pm: I talk Josh through the city using my iPhone's speaker function and Map app.

8:16pm: Josh arrives to our new home. He comes inside and vents about the movers (and makes some calls). We also shovel the food in quickly.

9:03pm: The movers arrive. They hustle to get everything in the home (the guy did actually run at times - the moved much faster this time and on the pick-up).

11:02pm: The movers are finally done and on their merry way. Josh and I put the sheets on the bed and crash.

That concludes our big moving day. Whewee!

Beautiful Seattle