Hurray! Congrats to me! Throw the confetti! Why? Because today is the one year (or 365 days) anniversary of beginning my blog. Calm down now, I know you're excited.

3 - Three Reasons Why I Started

  1. An easier way to keep in touch

  2. A way to share my photos

  3. Josh was bugging me to do it

6 - Six Reasons Why I Love It

  1. Keep in Touch

  2. A conversation piece

  3. Allows me to be creative

  4. Able to learn new technology and improve writing skills

  5. I love it because you love it (I hope)

5 - Five Things You Can Expect To Come

  1. More photos (yes, more)

  2. Reviews of books and music (if I can get through this one book...)

  3. Seattle life

  4. Things that will make you laugh

  5. New topics (this is a given...I was running out of ideas for this one)

And in regards to my last #5, below are some posts you might see coming up. This is a board that is in our kitchen which I've created a list of things we're interested in doing here in Seattle. We were hoping to check one of each month. The first is coming this Thursday. Can you guess which one?

Now, Celebrate!