The Rents

It's sad that my posts are getting less and less bad. Life has been busy, busy in 2011 so far. There is always something going on. For instance, this past weekend my parents were in town.

Their trip was two fold: visiting us and work. It just so happened that my dad had a work conference downtown Seattle at the Fairmont Hotel. Luckily it was a Monday and Tuesday event, so my mom tagged along and they both headed up early to make a special weekend visit.

We had a jam packed weekend of fun. We started the festivities upon their arrival on Friday afternoon. We galavanted around town until Sunday evening. Sunday evening to Tuesday morning my dad had to get down to business and go to meetings and talk the insurance talk.

Back the the fun stuff. Here's our weekend in a nutshell:


I woke up at the wee hours of the morning to open the store. During my shift, my parents were in transit from San Diego. They grabbed the Light Rail from the airport to the stop in front of my store. This is where the fun began.

With us all ravishingly hungry, we ventured off to a lace I've been wanting to return to since I first ate there in December...Citizen. We enjoyed some scrumptious crepes and sammies. It filled our grumpy tummies.

Then it was back to the hotel (for my parents) and my apartment (for me) for nappy time. And to await Josh's arrival home from work.

The day ended with a nice dinner together at Betty's restaurant in downtown Queen Anne. This was only after a crazy car chase by a gal with serious anger issues. I mean she honked her horn at me for about 30 seconds straight. She continued to follow me and when i pulled over, she blocked me in and started to yell. I moved on and she still followed me. Finally I got to a residential area and Josh got out and with her yelling managed to get her to calm down and move onward (without following us!). Crazy I tell you, crazy! I tell ya I felt like I was part of a "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" skit.


We started our day with a power breakfast at our favorite Macrina Bakery (you've heard this one several times on this blog already). My mom loves the fruit coffee cake and she sure let's you know it with her What About Bob hmmm ahhhhh's as she ate.

The main part of our day was over at Whidbey Island. Our route had us take a ferry (woohoo, Seattle ferry land -- another check on our chalkboard. Remember? Look at our progress!).


We explored Langley, which was was a cute-as-a-button town. We stopped in little shops and such - shops, florists, crafts, random stuff, etc. Plus the view was gorgeous. We stopped here for lunch at Primo Bistro and then continued onward up the island.

Here is the route...I did a LOT of driving. Point A & D is home. B is Langley and C is Oak Harbor. You'll notice we didn't take the ferry back, but instead drove up and over to the bridge at Deception Pass. The drive at that part was deceiving because it took much longer than expected. However, it was a beautiful drive through the island. We even passed by a national reserve. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful, and even in the rain.

Oak Harbor was a bit of a  disappointment and wasn't nearly as cute as Langley. However, our dinner back home was a delight at Portage -- definitely a new favorite. If you visit, perhaps we'll take you!


Sunday was a bit more local and low key. We went back to Macrina for breakfast, but it was crowded for the big game (Seahawks were playing that day).Yes, we went to Marcina a second time; I'm serious when I say it was like What About Bob. This is dad and me enjoying Macrina's:


Mom and I went to Ballard for some R&R, specially pedicures and manicures at Hoa Salon. The chairs were great - the kind that massage your back, neck, and hips. Ahhh. Afterwards my mom and I walked around the farmer's market a bit - got some honey, a muffin, and just looked at the veggies. Meanwhile, Josh and dad were on the couch at home watching the big game.

The rest of the afternoon we spent walking downtown a bit. Then we rounded off the evening at the first work event - the introduction cocktail hour. There were a bunch of Burger King and vendors and such.

My parents stayed around Monday for the work stuff and took off Tuesday morning. Luckily I had the chance to hang out in the afternoon with them after my opening shift. We went to Pike Market and wondered around town a bit more. And that wrapped up a lovely weekend with the 'rents (aka parents).


Now, do I have to remind you every time to go to my Flickr album to see all the pictures? Sheesh!