Devil in my Coffee

Okay, it wasn't my coffee, the Devil was actually in Josh's coffee, but the title sounded much cooler as "in my coffee." My coffee actually had a beautiful butterfly. Josh got a Devil, and I got a butterfly. HA - goes to show...

Anyway, I've gotta give it to this barista, totally awesome foam-latte art. Not to mention, he was sarcastically joking around as he did this art too. Now, there is talent. This was our Sunday morning treat before church at...wait for it...El Diablo. Well, now I wonder were the Devil idea came from.

Before I go, I just wanted to tell you, this is my continued way of saying my coffee tour is not over. I have gone to many coffee shops and just neglected to post about it. Sad, I know. I am still sinfully drinking coffee though (or should I say Josh is since he got the Devil?). Eventually, I'll get back on the coffee tour posts, but for now, fun coffee-share moments.

Devil in Josh's coffeeButterfly in my coffee