R and R in SD

After plenty of Vitamin D, the visit moved onto more R&R (that's Rest and Relaxation) activities. My dad had to work and Johan had to go to school, so the girls had fun.

It started Tuesday with a massage at Sante Day Spa. This special treat was in celebration of my new job. I found the place on Yelp (typical me...you know I probably ought to write reviews on it since I use it so much). What was nice is that they offer 10% on Tuesdays...perfect! At first I was a bit weary of the place. We drove into a commercial looking building. After walking though the building, we came across this little spa hidden inside. As we entered, this guy at the desk came out with a heavy French accent. Let's hope it was a true accent. That would have been weird otherwise. Trying to make it more foofy with a accent. But it was real. I think. But, he seemed genuinely nice.

We entered and it seemed to expand further back and you would have to look back out the door to truly believe you were in a commercial looking building. They offered a steam room, sauna, and relaxation nook before the massage. We were led to a locker room to get ready. They had all the little things you might need afterwards - a brushes, lotion, showers, etc - how sweet. Then I attempted the steam room. It was like a shower billowing out puffs of hot steam. It was suffocating, yet somehow refreshing. I could feel the pore on my face go crazy. I didn't stay long because I think I'm a bit claustrophobic. It was pleasant though. My mom chilled on a chair in the relaxation nook where there were small treats and a trickling fountain.

Next the two masseuses came in and introduced themselves and lead us to the rooms. My masseuse was Christine. It was an hour of heaven. She was very nice and was sure to ask if there were any trouble areas. Definitely recommend this place. And that was relaxation experience #1.

We followed this up the next day, my last day, with a pedicure and manicure. Now, after working at Starbucks, my nails really needed help. Extreme help. Crying out for help, help.

See these feet? Don't they loook tired? Don't they need help? Look closely. There is a rip on the one big toe. Chips everywhere. Sad. These our my beach walk feet, what they Β need are Beachy Toes.

Beach Feet

Perfect name, right? Again, I found the place on Yelp. Mom and I had a bit of trouble finding it at first. It was off Hwy 101 South - a long road with tons of shops. We finally got there on and on an empty tank of gas I should add. The place had cute beach decor. The girls were nice too. They chit chatted with us and did a nice job. It did take a while, but we enjoyed our experience.

Sigh of relief. Relaxation. Rest. Nice. It was a pleasant end to my visit home.

Thanks Parents!!! You're the best!!!!

I'd show you the after picture of my nails, but my feet are hidden in slippers and my hands in mittens up here in Seattle. Back to reality.