Ring Ring

Ring Ring Ring went the new mobile phone. You have to sing that sentence like this song because that's how it goes in my head. You don't have to say anything, I'm strange, I know.

Why is the above strange re-mix going in my head? Well folks, I got a new iPhone. Sadly I somehow lost or someone stole my iPhone. I believe it was stolen or found and then used; just a gut feeling. Anyway, I NEEDED a phone. I felt so empty and alone without my phone. I'd be walking along and reach into my purse for NOTHING. Weird feeling to be out there in the world without a phone or Internet. Crazy how it is. If you told me I'd be like this in high school or around that time, I would have laughed in disbelief.

Within a few days, I was sporting a new iPhone 4 with a pink & brown case. Don't you dare say something like, "you know the iPhone 5 is probably being release this summer." No. Don't. Bup bup bup. I can't hear you. Anyway, if you always waiting for the next, new release in technology you'd never get anything.

I sent an email out to you all a couple of days ago with my new number. Josh has a new number too. We're both Seattle area codes now. It's official, I have a WA license, license plate, and Β phone number. Didn't get that mail?? Then let me know.

Give me a ring!!