Good Eats

I thought I'd do a random post about Josh and his eats, or should I say Good Eats. My Good Eats is two fold - (1) I'm referring to the television show that Josh watches on the Food Network with Alton Brown called Good Eats - he has the cookbook, and (2) the big smile that comes across Josh's face when he chows down on good eats.

The thought came to blog about this today when we got some lunch. We didn't want anything big and it was already 2pm, so we thought we'd check out the food truck nearby in Ballard. Josh loves food trucks. Seattle loves food trucks. Portland excels at food trucks and stands. It's popular these days. Anyway, today's truck was a Josh paradise because it serves...wait for it...wait for it some more...Mexican food.

It's called El Camion. Josh's mouth watered when we saw words like gorditas, tamales, and burritos. Even more so when he saw chorizo.

Look at that smile. Isn't he cute? See how happy he is?

Josh Good Eats

Look he's picking up the food. See his little head through the windows?

Josh Good Eats

Actually, I have a confession. I like to surprise Josh while he's eating and take a quick photo. We get lots of random pictures of him eating. Check this one out. We're with my friend Irene at Three Girl Bakery at Pike Place Market. I think he's eating a reuben or meatloaf sandwich.

Pike Place Market Lunch

Or this shot of him eating a beignet at Where Ya At Matt food truck.

Queen Anne FM - Beignets

Some ice cream at Molly Moons (which also had a truck visiting Queen Anne last week - we ate it in the freezing cold).

We Scream for Ice Cream

He couldn't resist the BBQ at Ro Ro's. I had to get a shot of this one.

Josh Good Eats

But in all fairness, I have photos eating too...(I make Josh take them - hehe)!