Hippy Hop

The #1 thing this Easter has over last Easter...I'm not working. You might remember that last Easter I was working at Eugene Starbucks making pastel colored lattes. That's a good start; no work!

This Easter weekend has been pretty low key. It's too bad yesterday wasn't today, or even better, too bad both days this weekend weren't like yesterday...sunshine and *practically* warm. It was the first day all year that we've had the chance to sit outside and eat lunch without a jacket!

Today has been mostly Seattle gloom weather with spots of rain. Typical. However, no weather can put a damper on Easter. We certainly celebrated. We went to a mega service for our church. I mean m-e-g-a -- as in so big that the church had to rent out Qwest Field, one of the big Seattle stadiums. Josh sums it up from his comment while we were there, "we go to a big church." We sure do! It was fun though, because everyone there is there to celebrate. Kinda cool.

And this is quite a bit different from Bethlehem Church and our songs, like Every Morning is Easter Morning.

Easter Celebration

After church, Josh and I enjoyed our little gifts from the Easter Bunny. The little bird will chirp in the palm of your hand. If you rub your hands, it chirps faster (heat activated). We had to test it out...it does chirp less if you run your hands in cold water first too. Guess who gave us that birdie! I'll give you a hint, it starts with a J.

Easter Gifts

But what is Easter really about? Not gifts. What does Jim Gaffigan have to say?

That's right Jimmy, I love bunnies and eggs. You can tell from my favorite childhood Easter book, The Count Bunny. It's such a cute book. I thought the special egg was so cool and I wanted one.

And I'll never forget my favorite Easter sport, egg hunts with Grandma Ruth. Oh, and trying to find the Easter baskets in the morning based off a trail of eggs from the bedroom. Ahh fun times.

Happy Easter!!