See Heather Work

I've been at my "new" job working from home for about 3 months now and yet I have yet to share with you my at-home office. Little did we know that when we chose the place to live that two bedrooms would be necessary. Luckily, we did chose a 2-bedroom place. Now, the second bedroom is my dedicated, work-from-home office. I got all sorts of cute things - like the floral, and very feminine trays and desk organizers (note: I didn't buy from the site I just hyperlinked--found it cheaper at Storables!).

My Home Office

You can see I have a white, blue, metal theme going, so let's call it: Urban Feminine. I like my desk, but I do spend a bit too much time at it. Wink Wink.

Here's the bigger picture view of the desk:

My Home Office aka my Desk

Yes, my desktop wallpaper is the Seattle Space Needle. No, I didn't take that picture, although I wish I did. The wall has a cool glass whiteboard from IKEA and a sleek bulletin board from Crate & Barrel.

And that my friends, is my work place.