Double W's

Double W's that is what I'm calling my life right now. WORK and WEDDING. Say Double W's 10x fast.

Work - Things are busy as usual with work. I've taken on a new program so I've been learning some new stuff. Isn't learning fun at work? Not stressful at all. What, you think I'm being a smart alec? Naww. You know my Grandma Norma called me a smart alec once and I got pinched! HA. I think I deserved it though looking back. Anyway, I always feel I cannot delve much into what I'm actually doing for work on my blog because then I'd be giving away our company secrets. Wink Wink.

Wedding - This might be of more interest to you than my work stuff. Every night there is something to do for the wedding - whether it's doing some emailing or working on a project. Whoever said planning a wedding is fun is a lair, or works in the wedding industry and wants to you think it's fun. Lies. All of them. It's like a second job. Lately though I have gotten to use the right side of my brain a bit and do some fun, crafty projects though. Like signs and decorations. I should do a blog, after the wedding, about my little DIY projects. I can't do it before, it'd give all the fun away for those coming to the wedding.  I can tell you this, it involves stamps, paper, string, and scissors.

I'm going to keep this short, but I wanted to let you know what I'm up to. The double W's. I feel like this was a boring post. More so since there are no pictures. Hmm.. Let's change that, here's a picture of the wedding dress shop (the suspense):