Last O'Neill Days

The Final Count Down....6 DAYS!

It's true. I'm living my last days as an O'Neill. Then I become a Brown. It's a weird feeling to know that your last name is going to change. You get so attached to it. And then hearing your name, Heather Brown...well, it sounds so different. Will I even respond to that? "Hey Heather Brown, wha'ts up?" And I'm still looking around like nobody said anything to me. Crazy.

Actually, I haven't had much time to think much about this upcoming change. My focus has been get through W #1 Work. Work has been capital C Crazy. And not just for me, but Josh too. Working like maniacs. And now it's Friday night at 11pm and I'm stressed and can't lie still, so I decide to say hi to my neglected blog readers...Hi, I'm still alive.

Seriously though, 6 days. That's less than a week. At least with the last name Brown there are no apostrophes to deal with -- especially with databases. I don't like being a Neill or O Neill or Oneill or ONeal or ONeil. See what I mean? Brown is straight forward and solid. I'm happy about it.

Although the Work W has been my focus this week, last weekend my mom and I did focus on the Wedding W  (not sure what I'm talking about with W's - read here). Mom and I created all the yummy favors. See us working:

Wedding Prep

Anyway, not too much longer and the fun begins!! Can't wait to see all my guests and enjoy a fun night with friends and family. And for my blog readers, more posts (and I'll finally write about the wedding - I didn't want to give anything away, wink wink).