Circling Seattle

Back at the beginning of October, Josh and I visited the latest addition to the Seattle skyline, the Great Wheel Seattle (or simply known as a ferris wheel). 

Ferris Wheel Panarama

It's a pretty cool ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront. It is enclosed, so less freaky for me (recalling my freak-out going in the Chicago ferris wheel). And it keeps out the rain. Luckily, it wasn’t raining when we went around (but it rained shortly after--hey, this is Seattle, what do you expect?). 

Say What?! Up in the Air

You know what else? It goes around not just once, but five times. That’s five times more than Chicago’s wheel (sorry Chicago, just sayin’). 

As you circle around, you can see Puget Sound, ferries, and skyscrapers. 

Wheel in the City Seattle Ferry

I think just the ferris wheel itself is cool. All the beams, and the shape. It just interests me. Is that weird? 

The Working of Ferris Wheel Through to the City

All in all, it’s a nice addition to the Seattle skyline. We enjoyed our go-around, and it was a great activity for Josh’s birthday.

Couple on the Ferris Wheel