Christmas Spirit

It's almost Christmas! 

I'm out of work. I'm with family. I'm sleeping in. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Weeeeee!

You can ask Josh, but I'm a Christmas fanatic. I just love it. I listen to Christmas music non-stop, I watch as many Christmas movies as possible, I bake cookies, and I love seeing houses all glowing with lights. It's a magical season. 

You know what brought a twinkle to my eye? That there was Christmas spirit at SeaTac. We saw those 18th century carolers, and a one-man band marching around the terminal. I just loved it.

I love wrapping and decorating for Christmas, too. Did you see my awesome wrapping paper? It's octopi wearing Santa hats and presents. Too cool. Or, how about my ornaments. The Frango makes me think of my Grandma Ruth - she loves Frangos. 

Another favorite is all the Christmas cards that come in the mail. I love seeing the pictures, reading the notes, and hearing from friends and family. And I love that people do it snail mail...electonic is just not the same.

Christmas Cheer

And I know I already wrote about my cookies, but don't thse just ooze Christmas? And they are deliclious in your tummy.

Christmas Cookies

If all this doesn't get you in the spirit, then I don't know what will. I hope you are feeling in the spirit. Now turn up the music and deck the halls!