Green, Guinness, Shamrocks

Green, Guinness, Shamrocks --> Happy St Patrick's Day

No need to pinch me, I definitely wore my green today. And, I even though my last name has changed, I'm still an O'Neill on St Paddy's Day. That, and, it will always be in my blood. 

Josh and I are having  a low key St Patricks Day. I had a long week (which I'll write more about soon), so we thought we'd keep it easy. We started off getting crumpets downtown at The Crumpet Shop. Now, you might think, those are English treats, not Irish. Well, did you know St Patrick was actually born in England. Read up.

Then we got some coffee at Fonte, and cheese at Beechers cheese (yum). Why not, we were downtown?

After relaxing and doing this & that at home, we got some Guinness steak pot pie at Hilltop Ale House. It seemed Irish enough. Josh ordered some Guinness too. I just pretended to drink it. I really don't like beer, so a photo with it will do it for me.

Josh + Guinness Heather + Guinness

This afternoon, I baked up some delicious Chocolate Mint Oreo Cookies. I searched at three stores for the mint green chips, but no luck. ( I guess my Irish luck was faulty). Instead, I bought some Easter M&Ms and picked out all the green M&Ms and placed them on top of the cookies before baking. And there was my touch of green.

Irish Cookies

Lastly, we are about to get a pizza delivered (mine half will have spinach, so it'll be green too). Then we're off to see John Carter - note: that's a Josh movie pick. 

Go Irish!