Good Stuff

I've seen it recommended to write out lists on your blog - Joy suggests it, but I've seen it recommended on some of my professional marketing blogs, too. It's a classic blog-posting thing to do I guess. And who doesn't like lists? I know I do. I'm a list-maker - ask Josh. I thought I'd give it a go. Here are some random findings I've come across the last week or so. I hope it makes you smile.

1. Sweet : Today is going to be awesome. Need some daily inspiration? Check out 365 Days of Hand Lettering, a project by Lisa Congdon. Cute little drawings of sweet words and phrases everyday. Be kind to yourself!

2. Funny : I think my parents said my first word was "cookie." I wouldn't be surprised. I love cookies. This song from the Cookie Monster has been stuck in my head all week. Hey, you have cookie, Share it maybe?

3. Goofy : Have you ever heard a song about IKEA? Well, Josh has been listening to Jonathan Coulton and he has a song about IKEA. Listen to it, it's pretty funny.

4. Cute : Need a daily dose of cute animals? Check out Cute Overload. I had lunch with a friend over the weekend, and her boyfriend was wearing a shirt from this blog.

5. Laugh : A squating kidding!

6. Wow : Check out some of these crazy-good pictures for the National Geographic photo contest. Wow. Just wow.