Today is a day of rememberance. Eleven years ago today was a day our country will never forget. A day full of tears and saddness, and yet we united and grew stronger. Just take a moment to stop and think. Think about how lucky we are to live in our great nation. We're pretty luck, huh?! I think so.

Hard to believe eleven years ago I was a sophomore in college. Getting a morning call from my dad informing me our nation was under attack. I went to Santa Clara's Benson center and watched the tradegy unfold on the television. It still gives me shivers.

Just the other week I was visiting NYC. I got the chance to walk by ground zero, and see the new buildings rising from the rumble. That too gave me goosebumps. It was amazing to see the new towers rising upward. It's going to be beautiful.

That's it. I just wanted to stop and remember. I hope you did too. 

Building Around Ground Zero