Reading Rainbow #2

Reading Rainbow returns! I can't believe I last wrote about books two years ago - check it. What have I been thinking? I need to share the awesome books I read.

When I read a book I love, I get totally SUCKED into it. I generally read at night before bed, but then I end up staying up way too late - Josh loves it (cough, cough). This happened with the past few reads lately. Now you're curious, I know.


by Lauren Hillenbrand

OMG (and I only use OMG on very special occasions), but OMG, this is the most incredible story - and it's true. Louis Zamperini was an Olympian - ran in the 1936 Berlin Olympics - anticipated to be the first man to break the 4 minute mile, until WII broke out. He joined the Air Corps as a bombardier. His plan crashed in the middle of the Pacific, he and two others were on a raft for 47 days (a record), and was then was a POW. Truly an amazing man, and his journey is one that you must read. Preview his story with the Jay Leno interview, or on the CBS morning show.

Winter of the World

by Ken Follet

You really ought to read the first book, Fall of Giants, first because that is generally how series work (yes, this is a trilogy). Although I really feel that the second book was almost better than the first. It really brings you into WII Berlin and what life was like living through a war. I learned all sorts of new things, too. I love it when I learn when I read - entertainment and education, double whammy. 

(yes, I'm on a World War II kick)


by Diana Gabaldon

This book came recommended to me by my office mate after we discovered we had a similar taste in books. This is another history book (fun fact: I was a Medieval Renaissance history minor in college), but it's historical fiction. This is a crazy long series, and I do plan on reading more of them. The main character is fun, and it keeps you reading. Careful though, there are parts that might make you blush. I liked how it brought you to Scotland and introduces you to the clan way of life. I

The book has you thinking, what decision does she make?  Now you have to read it to find out. I'm evil.

Shadow of Night

by Deborah Harkness

Before I start, I have to say, my sister know the author. She's a professor at USC and Lindsay covered her class while she toured for this book. Lindsay is cool like that.

I love this series. It's got witches and vampires (and some other creatures), but not like Twilight. You're taken on a journey back into time where the characters meet actual people in history. It's a fun time travel, love story, vampire-witch story.

I've read some other books, which I might also tell you about in another Reading Rainbow session. I'm trying to get back on the Good Reads wagon - find me