Top 10: Parents Visit

The weekend before last, Josh and I enjoyed a visit from my parents. We really lucked out and had some awesome Seattle fall weather. We ate at some great restaurants, and did some fun activities. So I'm happy to report we all had a pretty fantastic weekend. Here's the top 10 from the weekend ... in photos! (so you don't have to listen to be babble so much). 




1.  Ferry to Bainbridge (and back)


Ferry Ride to Bainbridge & Back

3. Beautiful fall colors (Nothing you'd see in San Diego)

Fall leaves

4. Standing around a BIG-ass pumpkin


Standing around a BIG-ass pumpkin

5. Celebrating Josh's Birthday! 

Celebrating Josh's Birthday

6. Round and Round in the Great Wheel

(with a scared mom)

Seattle's Great Wheel (aka Ferris Wheel)

7. Roaming the Ballard Farmer's Market


Ballard Farmer's Market

8. Touring the Chihuly Glass Museum

Chihuly Glass Museum

9. Drinking Coffee

(except for Dad, he drank tea) 

10. Wearing funky flip flops

(a gift from the nail salon) 

Jan & Heather's funky flip flops & pretty nails

For more photos - go here.