'Stache Status - Week 1

As promised, I am providing a 'Stache Status. Josh is growing a moustache this November for Movember. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go to my last post.

Josh is making good progress after this first week. 

I think on the matrix he's around the Swedish Chef, or possibly Ron Burgundy. Although he's aiming to be Lawrence from Office Space (unfortunately not on the matrix).

How do you think he's doing? If you think he's doing good, how about a donation? If you think he needs encouragement, how about a donation? Here's his Mo Space.

But wait, there is a runner up. Me! I think my moustashe wins!! Okay, so it's a edited photo (THANK GOD). But I'm a Mo Sista, and have to support my Mo Bros. My motto is: "I'm not growing a mustache (thank goodness), but I am growing awareness." Here's my Mo Space. I joined the office competition, and my team is 'Stache of the Titans. Feel free to help my team win the office competition - wink wink.