Couch TV

I'm going to share with you a great relaxation tip. I know this is probably one you've never heard before, but I'm feeling generous. The technique is called "couch TV" - which is pretty much how it sounds. Basically, you lie down on the couch, and watch TV. It's actually quite an amazing way to relax. I try to do it every night after around 9pm.

A key component to couch TV, is a show. Actually, it's quite pivotal. If you don't have a good show, you won't stay on the couch. Here's some recommendations from yours truly:

Once Upon a Time

I love fairy tales and Disney, and this show is the mother load. It takes every Disney or fairy tale character and brings them into one show. It's awesome.

I was definitely a Disney show watcher when I was younger. And I was in love with all the Disney movies - Aladdin, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty...I watched them all. And what's great, is this show is a bit more grown-up, so I don't feel too silly watching it. 

Although, I think Josh regrets telling me about the show since now he has to watch it, too. (We only have 1 TV in the house...)

Downton Abbey

Warning: This show is dangerous. It sucks you in, and then you can't stop. You'll end up watching episode after episode. The good news is that it is totally worth it. And another plus, men will watch it - or as Josh says, "it's like a soap opera men will watch." Pioneer Woman has some fun things to say about the show, too. 

This show is full of drama, love, tragedy, and happiness. Although, Season 3 had me crying a bit more than usual...and the season finale, well, just watch and then we'll talk.


New Girl

This one cracks me up. I seriously laugh every episode. And guess what...this is another one Josh will watch with m! He played off the first season like he was uninterested, and then all of a sudden when discussing what to watch, he suggested New Girl. HA!

You need to watch it. Nick is my favorite character. Okay, all of them are funny. It's takes the small things in life and makes an episode about it (similar to Seinfield). Watch this clip and get hooked.

Modern Family

When I first saw an episode a while ago, I thought I didn't like it. Then I just decided to start watching it a few months ago. Now, I am excited when I see there is a new episode to watch on our Hulu Plus account. It's just a fun, everyday type of show. Another one that just takes real life things and makes a show out of it. And the characters are pretty funny. I think I imagine myself like Claire, in a way. 

Watch a bit about Phil...