Goodbye Reader


Warning! Google Reader is going away. Why Google why? So if you follow a bunch of blogs on Google reader, be sure to get a new system rolling. But fear not, there are a bunch of options out there. I've already started using FeedBin, which is not free but not expensive either. So far, so good. But if you'd rather try something else out, here's some options:

I'm also using Readkit along with my FeedBin. This way I don't have to use a webpage, but can have an app to read my blogs on my desktop. Then for my iPad, I'm considering getting Mr. Reader. FeedBin should be getting it's own for both eventually, but it's still being developed.

I can't vouch for the above, except for Feedly which I used briefly a few months ago for work - pretty good. But I'm preferring FeedBin so far. Good luck, and let me know what you find works for best you! Whatever you choice, be sure to add my blog back to whatever reader you choose (wink wink) . 

Or, if you don't have a reader yet, and you follow blogs, you should get with the times my friend. And I think you'll appreciate the convenience of them. 

P.S. The cute picture was on a Feedly email I received the other day. I thought I should give them credit.