Rewind to the Fourth

Obviously since I blogged early on the actual Fourth of July, I didn't get to tell you anything about my day. Obviously. No, that doesn't mean that what I shared that day wasn't important (and if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for? READ IT). But I know what you really wanted was to hear about me. I mean, isn't that what everyone wants? To know what I'm up to? (Hmm maybe that's just me that thinks that....) Well, you're wish is my command.


Josh and I didn't do all that much in the beginning of the day. We were invited to our friends house for dinner and fireworks, so I decided to bring dessert. As you know from Baker's Corner, I love to bake and I seize any opportunity to try out a new recipe. However, I'm going to save the details for my next Baker's Corner post (oh, the suspense!). I will tell you what I made, though, and that's a peach galette. 

Our friends, Tricia, Torrey, and Kaia, invited us for dinner. Actually, they invited us to a BBQ to be more precise, which is a very important detail since this is a Fourth of July post, and what's Fourth of July without a BBQ really. I'll tell you...just a plain old BBQ. So we enjoyed some burgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Oh, and corn on the cob, broccoli salad, and baked beans. Can't get any more American than that! Nom nom nom. 

Then there was dessert. Tricia made a very cute, and patriotic flag cake with the most delectable frosting (I like that word, delectable). How to describe it...hmm....oh, I got it, like marshmallows & buttercream frosting's baby! HA! On top of that, we had the peach galette. Needless to say, we were not lacking in the sugar arena (no complaints here says my sweet tooth).


After food came fireworks. As you can see, we had some of our own to play with (thanks Tricia & Torrey). Kaia, however, did not like the loud cracks from the fireworks. She was too cute covering her ears! But the big show came later at 10:20pm. Yes, it stays light out late up at this latitude! I tried to take some fabulous pictures, but it just didn't work out. The best I got was with my phone, believe it or not. I know someday I'll be able to capture those fireworks for you like a pro. But this time, I just sat back and enjoyed them.

And that there was a true blue Fourth of July holiday. I even work red, white, and blue. Go America!