The 12th Man Stands in Victory

Seattle is on fire (figuratively)! If you were here, it would be hard to miss how excited we all are for the Seahawks. We've just freakin' won the Superbowl!

For the past weeks (or months, really), people have been decked out in their Seahawks gear everywhere. Not only are the people dressed up, but the buildings as well. The Space Needle has the 12th Man flag flying on top and with blue and green lights shining. And all the buildings are putting up signs and lights. The Ferris Wheel was light up. Heck, there is even music. There are some songs that have been twisted up - like What Does a Hawk Say? or Sweet Home Field Advantage.

Honestly, I'm not an avid football fan. Only recently did I really catch the spirit - it was impossible not to! Here are a few things I've learned about the team:

  • 12th Man - This is EVERYWHERE...signs, flags, jerseys, etc. So, the 12th man...who is that? Well, there are 11 players on the field, and the 12th player is the fan. And man, are we big fans. Seattle Seahawks fans are loud and we're proud of it.  
  • Legion of Boom (L.O.B.) - Seahawks are known for there awesome defense. The legion of boom is the Seahawks' defense style. I really don't know much more, but I how I think of it, is when the other team's player tries to break through Seahawk's defense...BOOM, they are stopped. You know what they say, the best offense is the best defense.
  • Richard Sherman - He's one of the Seahawks players. There has been a lot of press about him because he it quite the talker. After the play-off game against the 49'ers, Sherman had an interview that everyone is talking about. It's all the talk...I just think he was super pumped on adrenaline and excitement.
  • Skittles - Yes, the candy. This is a cute story about Marshawn Lynch. When he was young, every time he scored a touchdown, his mom gave him Skittles. The fans (I mean, 12th Man) caught on and now when he score Skittles are thrown onto the field in celebration. No joke, apparently Seattle is running low on Skittles.
  • Russell Wilson - Our beloved Quarterback. He just seems like such a great guy. In fact, our pastor actually interviewed him. So great!

It's been a lot of fun having a city with a winning team. I don't followed about football or the Super Bowl. But those dang 12th Man fans rub off on you. So, I bought myself a Seahawks t-shirt. With t-shirt on, I felt I could really join in. Like at work, for Blue Friday, I joined in...

(Yes, it may not seem like it, but I have a Seahawk t-shirt on - it's grey but it definitely says Seahawks on it).

Responsys Blue Friday

The Friday before the Super Bowl, we had a big Seahawk party. We had yummy cupcakes. Our office manager even made the Seahawk logo out of beads. Crazy!


We went to our friends house, the Maben's, for a couple games. We made our blue & green cupcakes (the kids helped decorate a few). 


For the Super Bowl, we also celebrated with the Mabens. We had tasty football nibbles - chili, pulled pork, guac + chips, cheesey bread, and blue & green M&M cookies! 

And the best part of it all: WE WON! We are the World Champions! (oh, I know you thought the Broncos would win, fooled yo!). 


I'm so proud of my city! I feel like we should all break out in one big cheer...

We've got the spirit

Yes we do, we've got the spirt,

How about you!