Random Acts of the Month: July

July actually didn't seem to fly by like some recent months. I think back to the beginning of the month when I was on vacation, and it seems forever ago. But gosh, I then think about how we're already into August, and then it seems went way too fast. So I can only conclude that the month when by fast-slow. 

July started with vacation (yea yea yea, I still need to post about that). I don't want to show you a ton of vacation photos here because that would then just make this my vacation post. But this leaves me having to chose favorites, which I have a very hard time doing. I'm not a great decision maker - see above paragraph where I couldn't decide fast vs. slow. Or ask Josh...decisions for where to go to dinner last way to long (actually, don't ask Josh and let's just forget about this whole thing - nervous giggle).

Vacation was in Deer Valley, UT (right next door to Park City) and we joined my parent-in-laws. We spent some good times outdoors and also just relaxed a bunch. One of our outdoor activities was rafting/floating down the Provo River.

We also got these unbelievably good shakes at some random diner called Hi-Mountain in Kamas, UT. My mouth waters just thinking about the Banana Cream Pie shake. Dying. 

Utah is simple beautiful. We went out to Sundance (as in the film festival) and took the ski lift up for some great view. I snapped this shot while on the lift up the mountain. 

We went out to Sy's Ranch (Sy is a friend of the Browns) and meet some Utah animals.  This horse just got a kick out of my jokes. 

This is me before the Heber Train ride. Yippee! As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

The week after our Utah trip, I went down to San Fran for the Interact conference. The flight in to SF was quite beautiful (psst, here's my post about it)

Not to brag, but John Legend was one of the keynote speakers. You know the guy that sings this song. And yes, he sang All of Me plus some other hits. 

There was also the B-52s rocking out to Rock Lobster and Love Shack for the conference's evening entertainment. 

Generally at conferences / work travel, I rarely see any of the city. But I did get to see the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge since our client dinner was at The Slanted Door. Love how they added the lights to the Bay Bridge. 

I also got to see our good friends before heading back home. Miss these faces... 

Saturday morning we got brunch at Portage Bay Cafe with good family friends of the Browns, Vince and Jonita. I got to me Julie and Marshall. Apparently Julie used to babysit Josh - awww.

The last weekend of July, thanks to slightly lower temperatures and not being away, I finally got into the kitchen. Sometimes a nice blueberry galette is all you need to settle down.

I also got the "You Did It' cone award at work. Apparently, my co-workers think I did it. Let's do a little celebratory dance and sing, "Go Heather, go Heather, go go go Heather!"

Then because it was such a fast-slow month, I got a cocktail (ok, that's most weekends but this one was especially good and got a photo). We tried a new restaurant called Bell + Whete. I loved the seating which was inside, but huge windows so I felt outside - perfect for a Seattle Summer evening. 

Did I say Seattle Summers? Oh yeaaaaa. They are the BEST. We get some awesome sunsets to boot. This photo barely captures the colors and beauty. 

The very last day of July, we hit up the Queen Anne Farmer's Market. I only took one photo, and it was of my dinner which was some good Tandoozy Indian street food. Eaten by me on the grass on a lovely, warm summer evening.