Work Break: Sounders

Last Wednesday, a large group of my co-workers took a break from work. No we didn't play hooky and skip the workday - are you kidding? There is too much work to be done for that (oh sorry, the program manager part of me just spoke up)! But it was great to hang out with my awesome co-workers outside of the work place. 

For our big outing, we went to see the Pride of the Pacific Northwest...the Sounders. We took up a good chuck of a section - maybe 6 rows, or so. As you can see, we are a pretty rambunctious group - like Rick doing the moose ears back there. 

My immediate team, which I've decided to call "Cool Catz" (oh! maybe we should have that with a "K" instead! Now, that's what I'm talking about... "Cool Katz" - I like it!), was all there as well. We're pretty kool!

Side Note: I have no idea, seriously NO IDEA, who that crazy girl is that photo bombed our Cool Katz selfie. Crazy!  

We had a great time - even better that we weren't at work. And even better than all that...the treats! We got them from Diane's Delights booth. (Remember her? She showed me how to make cake pops).

Do you like my photo series? This is how it goes. Josh was scared, Josh took a bite, Josh loved it.  Heather got a macaron, Heather went in for mega bite,  Heather chomped it. 

That's really it. There is only so much to tell you about a work outing. Oh wait...there was soccer game. Riigggghhhttt. Too many selfies and treats distracting us. Well, the Sounders tied. We should have won, but at least we didn't lose. I stilled loved how the crowd gets into the spirit with the coordinating clapping and the cheering ("Seattle...Sounders" Or "Fight and Win"), streams, and fireworks. I went into a lot more detail on my first Sounder game post. 

Good team. Good soccer. Good treats. Well, just a good evening!