Random Acts of the Month: September 2015

I was hoping to get this post published before vacation, but as you can see that didn't happen. I did get a start on it before the trip, but I'm sitting here in Orlando airport finishing it up. Yup, you heard me right, Orlando. That's for a later post, though. Right now, we're looking back real quick at September. 

You might remember that September started with Labor Day. Our good friends, the Maben family, invited us up to some property near Lake Stevens to hang out. It's a little oasis away from the city with lush grass and a river. We brought Asha along for the fun. We had a good time relaxing and hanging out with friends.

September brought the fall season. I love, love, LOVE the fall. I love the colors, the favors, the scents...ahhh sigh. I think I point out every tree when we drive around to Josh that has changing leaves. He's good and smiles and says it's pretty, too. 

I took another calligraphy class in September with my friend, Shweta. I learned how to connect the letters to form words and sentences. I need to keep practicing! 

Oh boy! I got a new laptop! So fast. So light. So sleek. This is all part of project nursery. We need to have one room serve as baby area and office, so we needed to reduce our desk space to fit in one desk, hence the laptop. 

It was Sweet Week in Seattle and I tried two sweets. On the left you'll see tea infused macarons from Fresh Flours. Then on the right, you'll see the apple ginger crisp from Hot Cakes. YUM!

Here's more food. For fun one night we tried out Big Chickie for dinner in Hillman city (near Columbia City...all south of Seattle). Then the Mighty-O donuts opened a store in Ballard. So far my favorites have been the french toast donuts and the apple spice donut. 

I did some baking at home. I had some ripe bananas, but I couldn't resist pumpkin season so I made pumpkin banana bread. For my co-workers I made those funfetti cake balls.

For the last weekend of September, Josh and I headed down to San Diego. I had a wonderful baby shower to celebrate Baby Boy Brown. I felt so blessed! I got to see so many good friends and family members, not to mention I got a lot of awesome things for the coming 'lil one. 

Before we left, we stopped for some good SD Mexican food at El Indio. A SD classic / institution. 

Asha pup turned 9 months old...holy cow! Isn't she the cutest? She got her first professional bath and she got a "A" from the groomer. I hardly believe that because for me she basically flunked - a big fat "F." They must have some tricks up there sleeves there (or just like our business, heehee).

And we reached a whomping four big years of marriage on September 29th. We've been together since 2003, so really 12 years. And you know what, I love Josh more than ever (sorry, too much lovey dovey there). We enjoyed a dinner with our families when we were visiting to celebrate as well as our own romantic dinner the actual day of the anniversary. 

There we have it. September was great! I can already tell you that October has been even better!