Random Acts of the Month: November 2015

So I'm waayyy behind in getting this post up. I'm not going to lie, life has been pretty busy juggling Christmas, work, and baby preparations. So let's keep it simple, shall we? 

Here's a quick snapshot of November:

Starting from the top-left, going across, and then down each row:

  • My good friend, Tricia, threw a beautiful Seattle baby shower. It was a lovely afternoon with friends, games, and good food. I feel so blessed by all the love!
  • We had our maternity photoshoot with Kristen Honeycutt. She's the same photographer that did our wedding and it's so great that she was able to capture this stage in our lives.
  • Oh baby boy is growing so much - we're reaching pineapple, butternut squash, and cantaloupe sizes now! 
  • The guys eating some delicious turkey on Thanksgiving!
  • The gals cooking up the Thanksgiving feast. 
  • We headed over to Whidbey Island the Friday after Thanksgiving to do some exploring with Don & Nada (my in-laws). 
  • Asha the curious pup!
  • I think I found my favorite pumpkin latte and it's from Cupcake Royale. Oh man, so good! 
  • The family exploring Langley on Whidbey Island. Oh what fun! 

And now we're in December. This year flew by...so fast...too fast...it's craziness. And so much coming ahead!