Random Acts of Month: January 2015

Holy Moly! We've already burned through a month of 2015. Eecck! I say this ALL THE TIME, but where does time go? There is no keeping up with it - it flies!!! 

So without further ado, here's my Random Acts of the Month for January 2015! Nothing too crazy this month, but I had some good times. 

We started out the year, and I had some goals for the year - like yoga and trying something new in the kitchen. We'll see how that goes...

Football season was in full swing. The Packer's game was exciting. I'll talk about the Superbowl in February's recap. Maybe the city of Seattle will have recovered a bit by then.

Josh's company had their holiday party. Honestly, after a week into January the holidays were long gone, but the party was still fun. It was at Teatro ZinZanni, which is basically a dinner show slash cabaret show with a Cirque du Soleil twist. We had some good laughs. 

I started a new series that will run occasionally on my blog called Daily Dinners. Two meals have been posted so far: Kale Mac 'n Cheese and Creamy Fennel and Pork. Did you make either of them?

We tried out a new coffee place in Pioneer Square called Elm Coffee Roasters. Tasty and totally hipster.

At work, our neighbors Blue Kai (also recently acquired by Uncle Oracle), invited our office over for lunch. On the way back, we lost our boss. Okay, well, we didn't lose him (he was hiding on another floor), but we thought we were pretty funny.

We have had a LOT of fog this month. There was one day that was really cool, and the fog changed by the hour. I captured this shot with the fog hanging out over Elliot Bay. 

Then that same afternoon, I caught this shot of the fog hanging over the city. There is no picture of it because it would have been just plain white, but the fog also just swallowed us all. When we looked it was just white. 

Josh and I enjoyed dinner at Cafe Turko. Super good and I loved the yam hummus. We also both enjoyed a spot of tea - Josh had sage tea, and I had pomegranate. 

And now we're already in February. Sloooowwww down 2015. Sloowwwww it down.