Smart Dogs in Action

Let me tell you dogs can be pretty dang smart. With just a whistle and a command, a dog can run 40 yards (come on, that's far! without glasses, I bet you have to squint) to where a small herd of sheep graze. Then this dog rounds up the sheep, brings them back down the field, circles through gates, and ends with the sheep inside a pin. Gosh, I don't even think I could manage herding sheep with such skill. These dogs just amaze me. And every year the world can see them in action at the Vashon Sheepdog Classic.

This was our second year in a row going to the sheepdog trials, and we were equally impressed. I convinced my co-worker & friend, Shweta, to join us as well. Look at those smiles. 

This year it was in August instead of late September, so we were pretty warm sitting on in the sun. But we still enjoyed walking the dogs do their thing. I caught this border collie on video for you. if you listen, you can hear the handler's whistles. Go dog go! 

You got to hand it to them, they are pretty smart. Mostly it's Border Collies and Australian Shepards out there herding. And no surprise, they are on almost any smartest dogs list you can find (like this one). 

It makes for a great day. Plus you get to take a ferry. Who doesn't like the ferry? It's Seattle, you gotta take a ferry. The way to Vashon it was sunny and blue, and on the ride back we saw a gorgeous sunset. I don't think you can end your day any better.