Ice Box

No, our refrigeration is not broken...the blog title refers to our duplex. It's an ice box! Brrr, so cold and to think it's only October. Man, the winter is going to be CHILLY. The sad part is the temperature outside isn't really all that cold; it's just that our duplex is about 10 degrees colder than it is outside. Imagine, me going outside to warm up - seems backwards. The below picture is how I dealt with the freezing living room while watching a movie (buried under about 4 blankets with a little heating pad thing).

Considering our duplex is already this cold, Josh and I opted to purchase another heater. We headed off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with our 20% coupon and got ourselves a nice little room heater. Woohoo, Saturday fun! Seriously, these little heaters are mighty I tell you. And I'm happily much cozier this evening as I type this post. I still have my robe on, but not 4 blankets like yesterday.

Unfortunately, these two little heaters are our planned heat source for the winter since according to Eugene EWEB (aka Water and Electric Board) we have the most expensive type of heating in our place - Booo! Like I wrote earlier, flannel lined jeans here I come! (not to mention, I'm really going to need to bundle up when I eat my froyo).

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