You're It!

Not quite tag on the elementary school yard, but not too far off. Last night we (law school friend group--Josh, Anne, Val, and Katherine) celebrated our friends Anna and Lacie's birthdays with some Lazer Tag. This was my first time playing and I felt like a kid all over again. We played one session which is four games (about 35 minutes total). My first game score was a joke--eh hem, let me remind you again that this was my first time playing. I couldn't understand why my score totally sucked. Well, apparently you have to hold a red button down and the trigger at the same time! Not to worry, I learned quick and was able to be in the middle of the pack the rest of games.

The place was pretty cool although I have nothing to compare against. It's a dark room that has that special lighting that makes anything white go ultra bright (and some random things go bright too - Josh's teeth?!?). And an extra benefit to going on Sunday night was that we had the place to ourselves.

Fun Fun! And a final side note to my CA friends: the mini golf course--it's a family fun center type place--was indoors!
Lazar Tag

P.S. That's not us in the photo, but I thought it pretty hilarious. And my code name: Froyo Queen

***Josh's Apple Spice Cake Induced Postscript***

The Froyo Queen is scary quick. A spin, a juke and a jig.... and all you're left with is a fading flash of ponytail. Pow....shields down...your dead. (Don't believe her first time talk...she's a pro).