A Tea Party Without Tea

This would make just a party. More specifically, a Halloween party. This Saturday one of my Starbucks co-workers threw a big Halloween party. And as the title indicates, I went as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Sadly, the Mad Hatter couldn't make it to the join me at the party since he was sick (and probably drinking tea celebrating his happy un-birthday). Okay, I'll stop making the Alice in Wonderland references/jokes.

I ventured to the party solo. I thought I was fashionably late (not like the Rabbit--just had to add one more reference), but even so when I arrived nobody from work was there yet...ecck! So I went around introducing myself to the other party-goers. Soon enough my co-worker friends arrived. It was fun because everyone really did dress up--doctors, three amigos, hill-billies, vampires, geishas, and more. It was also great to meet up with co-workers outside of the store. Just a bummer that Josh (em, the Mad Hatter couldn't Β join).

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, for you movie-goers, a Tim Burton and Johnny Depp version of it is coming to theaters soon. I hope it's good (and seems to have promise).Β Check it out.

Alice in Wonderland