I'm Reviewing the Situation

I hope you're breaking out in song like I do with my blog title. No? Not singing the Oliver song too? Blush. Oh well, I'm a dork, what can I say.

Glee Soundtrack: Since we're singing, let's start with a review of my recent music purchase. I even pre-ordered the album on iTunes since I like the TV show so much. This sums it up: Glee makes me happy. I listen to the album and I'm jammin'...I'm jammin' around the house, at the gym, or on the road. And not only is the music good, but the show is as well. The show is funny, unique, edgy, and just something I look forward to each Wednesday.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: I just finished this yesterday. Yes, the title is long and strange, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Like the title, this book is unique (sorry I used this word again, but it just fits best in both instances). It is composed of letters--just letters between all the characters. I was worried at first of not being able to keep track of the different people, but as you read on, it just clicks. The setting is post WWII and is about a writer looking for a topic for a book to write and how she enters the lives of the people on an little island in the English Channel. I highly recommend!

Pudding: I thought I'd just throw in a review on a new snack I've been eating lately. Don't fret, it's not replacing my precious froyo in any way, but it's not as chilly in cold weather. What? Pudding! I jazz it up too. I add banana, vanilla wafers, and whip cream with either banana or chocolate pudding. Bowl licking good!

That's the review for today! Like my random entires, you'll see reviews every once in a while too. If you didn't read my earlier review, it's The Critic.

...I think I'd better think it out again! (<--that the end to the Oliver song)